My previous article on this topic brought many inquiries to some of Michigan's other places that had Native American names. So I dug up fifty more and present them to you here.

Alaiedon - “hill land for good living”
Algansee - “sea”
Algonac - “land”
Allegan -  "beautiful river"
Alpena - “good partridge country”
Assinins - "small stone"
Au Sable - "great pond"
California - “chosen town”
Calumet - “stone and clay bowl of peace pipe”
Casco - "muddy"
Copemish - "beech tree"
Escanaba - "flat rock"
Kalamazoo - possibly “boiling pot,” “mirage,” or “reflecting river”
Lacota - “alliance of friends”
Leelanau - “delight of life"
Macatawa - "black"
Manitou - “great spirit"
Mattawan - "meeting of the waters"
Mecosta - “having a bear's foot”
Munuscong - "bay of thrushes"
Naubinway - “place of echoes"
Newagon - "bear"
Nottawa - “Iroqouis”
Nunica - “clay earth"
Onondaga - “keepers of the central fire”
Oceola - "warrior"
Ocqueoc - "crooked river"
Osceola - “shouter”
Oscoda - "pebbly prairie"
Osseo - “son of the evening star”
Otisco - "slow water"
Paw Paw - "stubby tree."
Pequaming - “at the shallow place"
Pinnebog - "partridge drum"
Pokagon - “something used to shield”
Quanicasee - "long tree”
Sagola - "welcome"
Sanilac - “spirit warrior"
Seneca - “people of the standing rock”
Shabonna - “built strong like a bear”
Shiawassee - "river that twists"
Sidnaw - “a small hill"
Tallahassee - “abandoned fields”
Tamarack - "evergreen tree"
Tittibawassee - "old town"
Tuscola - "plate"
Wabaningo - "at the head of the little bay".
Watervliet - “flats by the water”
Waucedah - "over there"
Wawatam - “little goose”

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