I am going to say it before someone else does (and trust me they will), yes each of these five omicron symptoms is indeed a symptom of a common cold. Who cares? Thanks to doctors and science we now know that these symptoms can indeed be deadly. I don't want to just assume I have a cold, do you?

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Full disclosure, I had two of these symptoms yesterday and took a covid test. My test did come back negative, but believe me - if I feel crummy again, I will take another test. I will take one every damn day if that is what it takes to make sure I am not spreading a virus.

According to News Nation, this is what data researchers looked at to determine these 5 symptoms,

Researchers looked at symptoms reported between Oct. 3 and 10, when the delta variant was dominant, and compared those to the most recent period, Dec. 3-10, when omicron was spreading rapidly.

I am no doctor (and chances are either are you) so who am I to question these symptoms? If a symptom of omicron was being an a-hole, most everyone should be tested ASAP. All kidding aside, please pay attention to how you feel, and please get tested if you do experience these symptoms. I do not want to go into another lockdown and I am certain you don't want to either.

Please don't let the symptoms below make you think you 'just have a cold' - be sure to get checked if you experience them. Here is to a safe and happy holiday for you and your loved ones.

5 Early Omicron Symptoms

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