Halloween in Michigan is a tradition that has changed over time. Even in the last 30 years, I've seen October 31st evolve. Remember costume parades in elementary school?

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It pains me to say this, but back in my day, we didn't have Trunk or Treats. We were raised to stay away from strangers in cars handing out candy. We had to walk -- miles upon miles -- to fill our PILLOW SACKS with FREE CANDY. This was a once-a-year opportunity to get as much candy as you could possibly want and all you had to do was walk, knock, say "Trick or Treat", and repeat for as many hours as you were allowed to.

Trick or Treating in Michigan for the first time, with a group of friends, and without an adult is a rite of passage. I remember my first 'sans-supervision' Halloween outing being 4th grade.

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We had just moved into one of the areas Trick or Treating destinations. A tightly packed lake community with several well-lit sub-divisions and with the vast majority of the homes handing out candy.


Michigan doesn't have any laws regarding how old children should be to handle the responsibility of Trick or Treating without a parent. Each family and individual child has to set rules and determine if they are mature enough to follow them.

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Before considering if they have grown up enough to go with a group of friends, consider where they plan to go and who your kid is going with. You know your kid better than anybody on the planet and you also know which of their friends they are most likely to get into trouble with.

That's not to say that their friend is bad. It's that some kids, more than others, bring out the more mischievous side in your kid.

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