Being a former waitress, or server as they are called now, getting tips for giving good service is a nice part of the job. Well, now some have taken the tip and run with it.

An actor on the series Blue Bloods, Donnie Wahlberg, left a $2,020 dollar tip for a $78.45 bill at a Chicago area IHOP. MLive reports that on the credit card receipt, Wahlberg wrote "Thanks Bethany, Happy New Year 2020 Tip Challenge."

Being a restaurant owner with his family, he knows how hard servers work. The Walhbergs have 4 restaurants in Michigan.

Earlier this week, a waitress at Thunder Bay River Restaurant in Alpena got a big tip. The customer's bill came to a total $23.33, and on the receipt they wrote 2020 Tip Challenge. For single Mom Danielle Franzoni, it was an answer to prayers, and she has paid it forward in a smaller way as she left a tip of $20.20.

This generous act is now trending all over the U.S.

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