It's the season for orange barrels and road work signs just about everywhere on Michigan roads and highways.

Most recently I was writing about all the work being done on West Grand River in Okemos. The work being done in that area will take roughly a year to complete.

Another project taking place as we speak is the Camel Back bridge on Okemos road in Okemos. Construction workers are tearing down the old bridge and turning it into a 5-lane road. That project should be finished by November.

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But wait, there's more! Starting on Monday, April 25, a long stretch of EB and WB I-96 will go down to one lane as road crews rebuild about two miles of the interstate.

According to

The $15 million project begins Monday, April 25, and will last through late November. The stretch of I-96 being rebuilt is between Thornapple River Drive and Whitneyville Avenue in Cascade Township, which is the area the interstate connects with M-6.

Any time we can improve our crumbling Michigan roads is always a good thing. We've put up with bad roads and highways for way too long. also adds:

During this project, traffic will be shifted over to share the same side of the interstate while the other direction is rebuilt. One lane will remain open for both directions.

We know that several projects are going on all at the same time, including the I-69 highway rebuild as well. Keep in mind that the end result is going to be nice, smooth Michigan roads to travel on. Yeah!

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