If there’s one form of entertainment Michiganders are rabid about, it’s music. Over the years vinyl records have made a comeback, and more & more people – young and old alike – are seriously into collecting vinyl. Specifically, good old Rock ‘n Roll and pop from decades ago.

Where does everyone go to look for old vinyl?

Used record shops, antique stores, Goodwill, Salvation Army, yard & garage sales, ebay, Craig’s list, Facebook Marketplace…and many others.

Unfortunately, for serious hunters, by the time you make it to places like Goodwill or a yard sale, the good stuff has already been picked out, leaving you with the residue…the stuff nobody wants. You thumb thru these albums, scratching your head and thinking, “Sheesh.....why would someone buy this record in the first place?”

There are a lot of records out there that makes one wonder why, indeed.

The photo gallery below has 101 such records.
These are REAL records.
The type you find leftover in the record bins at Goodwill or Michigan yard sales.
The stuff no one seems to want.
But yet, SOMEone had to buy them, right?

Take a look…these are actual record albums I have seen at Michigan yard/garage sales and in various local Goodwills and resale shops over the years…very campy stuff.
Have fun!



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