What's going on?

scratching from the grave
True story that still has me wondering to this day. Also, some of these pictures MIGHT show something paranormal...not sure. Click in and see for yourself.
the warlock grave in the tree
They say if you lie down in this open 'grave,' you'll experience an entity going through your body...got the guts to find out for yourself? Click in and read!
poltergeist in webberville
Strange giggling, weeping, bells, an eerie hooded figure and poltergeist antics are part of this haunt in Webberville...click in and read!
ABANDONED MICHIGAN: Vansville and the Cliff Mine
The abandoned Cliff Mine area also incorporates the non-existent town of Cliff, swallowed up and disappeared within the forests. The ghost town of Vansville is also nearby. CLICK IN for photos, info and location.