Come on, who doesn't like bacon. Bacon is the bread of life!

Bacon is better any way you serve it, by itself, on a burger, in a salad, in eggs, pizza, I could go on but then I'd want to fry some up right now!

And, how do you like your bacon? Do you like it limp and barely cooked, yuck, or crispy and crunchy?

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For me it crispy and crunchy. And, I would put it on everything. Yum!

However, all bacon is not alike. You would think bacon is bacon. If it says bacon on the package then I'm buying it and if I think if I can save a couple of bucks on it that's good. Well, we all should be careful there.

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There was a bacon survey taken recently, why not, and it uncovered the worst bacon brands in America. Uh Oh! The survey was conducted by 24/7 Wall Street. I know the taste and preference of bacon are subjective, but here's how they determined the worst bacon brand in America:

24/7 Wall St. said:

"We consulted seven different food websites, blogs, and vlogs. We also referenced customer reviews on retail store websites. Since bacon preference is highly subjective, they used an aggregate scoring system to rate the bacon brands that received the most negative ratings among our sources."


Walmart Earnings Beat Expectations
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According to 24/7 Wall Street, the worst bacon brand in America is...Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon, the Walmart brand of bacon. Guess what? It's sold all over Michigan and you probably have bought it.

So, why is it so bad? Great Value’s Hickory Smoked Bacon has just 2.3 stars out of a 5-star ranking on Walmart’s website. There are 400 1-star reviews. This is enough to signal that this is a horrendously bad product.

You'll be surprised at the Top 5 worst bacon to avoid in America according to this survey, so CHECK OUT THEIR REVIEWS HERE!

What about you? Have you bought Great Value Bacon at Walmart? Good? Bad?

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