We think it is pretty safe to say Michigan is right up there with the best of them when it comes to putting on some pretty great county fairs.

Of course, there are plenty of small towns and communities that come together to make these happen for fair enthusiasts everywhere and that is why we figured we would put together a one-stop shop for you to plan which fairs you'll be having your fun at this summer.

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The First-Ever County Fair In Michigan

Before we dive in to what fairs are happening this year and where they are at, let's talk about the history of Michigan county fairs!

Now, there seems to be some debate over who was the first to do it...though, it may all just come down to the way these claims are worded.

According to Lenconnect, the Lenawee County Fair is actually the oldest in Michigan, though there is some discrepancy as to when it became an "official" annual event. Whether it was 1839 or 1849, they report it still would make it the oldest county fair in the state.

However, the Calhoun County Fair's claims to also be Michigan's oldest fair, even going as far as saying it is "one of America’s oldest fairs." 

Apparently, the first event to be known as the Calhoun County fair was held as a one-time event in 1839 but did not become an annual event until 1848.

While the jury may still be out as to who really can claim to be the oldest fair in Michigan, that doesn't stop us from enjoying traditions at county fairs all across the state!

How Many Are Happening Near Lansing?

Back in 2020, we all really missed out on the county fair fun; however, they are back in FULL FORCE in 2021!

This summer, you don't have to miss a single sip of that fair lemonade, a bite of that fried food, ride on the tilt-a-whirl, a single demolition derby, concert or anything else that brings you to your local county fair!

County Fairs Within 2 Hours of Lansing, MI

Here is your ultimate guide to where and when these fairs near Lansing and beyond are happening.

To Be Fair...

While there may still be some COVID-19 restrictions in place at your favorite fair, you can still celebrate finally being able to get back out and enjoy it all!

As for me and mine, we'll hopefully see some of you at the Jackson County Fair! I'll be the one screaming "PLAY FREE BIRD!"

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