Breaking news: Americans are craving the old days when life was simpler and things made sense. We now return you to 2020 and Baby Yoda.

Good news for people who don't ever get rid of anything and tell their family it will be worth something, someday: some of that old stuff may actually be worth something.

According to the Miami Herald headline - "You could be sitting on a fortune if you have some old VHS tapes".  The Herald talked to Thomas Perella, of eBay’s content team. Thomas says some of the old VHS tapes of (primarily) Disney movies from the 80s and 90s are worth big money. Some of the VHS moves that came out in the 80s and 90s are NOT available for streaming or in any other format. And some people are just pining away for the movies they watched when they were kids. In Florida this year, a VHS copy of the 1998 Disney animated movie “Mulan” sold to a collector for $21,111. Two years ago, the 1951 Disney version of “Alice in Wonderland” on VHS, fetched $10,000.

The Holy Grail of Disney VHS tapes is the Black Diamond Edition (sorry, I don't know what that means) of “Beauty and the Beast” goes for $60,000.

Also big - slasher movies on VHS, like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

The only caveat - to be worth big money, these movies have to be in mint condition - preferably sealed in original packaging or not played and rewound over and over. And drawn on with crayons. Or chewed on by the dog.

And now you know why the ones that sell for big money are so rare.

Good luck finding one of these - here's the story.

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