I have an admission...okay, apparently I have multiple admissions. And now, I am going to air them out for all the world to see, and of course...read.

* I haven't paid my income taxes for years.

* I have not paid even my minimum balances on my credit cards for years.

* I have defaulted on multiple personal loans.

* All of these aforementioned infractions are going to result in prosecution and potential prison time for years. Oh yeah, and years and years and years...

This is all true if I believe the voicemails that I've been getting for...ready for it?


Well none of the above is true I am happy and even more so, very lucky and blessed to admit. I've paid my income taxes, I have at least paid my minimum balances on my credit cards and I've never defaulted on multiple personal loans, or even a personal loan for that matter.

You just can't believe the bad guys (and the bad girls too, if it applies...) when they reach out to you on your phone, text or email with the outlandish claims that they hit you with. According to News 10, they are at it again with yet another scam that is tailor made for the times we are living in.

It appears that there is an "agency" that is offering face mask exemption cards and guess what? They ain't real. In fact, these days unless you can't do it for a medical reason, you gotta wear a mask in public in Michigan.

No matter what some "agency" says...

Get your info here from News 10.

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