The Michigan Dogman.

The name alone strikes terror and fear in the hearts of.......well, no one, really. Most of Michigan's population hear these 'tales' and laugh it off or shrug it off or smirk it off.

What began as a Halloween prank in 1987 turned into a full-fledged frenzy of Michiganians who came out of the woodwork, claiming that yes - they have seen something that could be the creature now described as "Dogman."

But is there really some odd creature roaming our state? Self-proclaimed eyewitnesses say yes. Some say it's a cougar, others say it's a grizzly bear, others want to believe it's a real Dogman or Bigfoot......maybe it's a 'Dogfoot'. It's not just a northern Michigan thing, as folks even from our area - Lansing/Jackson way - have said to have seen some creature similar to this.

The above youtube video posted by shows pictures & film footage allegedly taken of this mysterious creature...some of these look like ordinary creatures: a puma or bear as mentioned in the above paragraph...see for yourself. And then tell us about YOUR sighting.

Whether you believe it or not...the video is still pretty interesting!