Courtesy of Capitol Records

Q: I've had so many friends think they're telling me some great unknown fact by telling me that the Beatle song YESTERDAY used to be called “Scrambled Eggs.” Please print it here so others won't keep telling me this.

A: Well, that's a weird request...printing something so no one will tell you about it...but at least it IS interesting. Paul McCartney had the melody for the song but no while working on it, he would sing “scrambled eggs - oh my baby how I love your legs - I believe in scrambled eggs.” John Lennon afterward wished they kept those words, since they had so much fun with it by improvising other silly lyrics. Even though YESTERDAY was a #1 hit in the United States (1965), it wasn't released as a single in their home country of England. Paul said “we were kind of a little embarrassed by it. We were a Rock & Roll band.”

McCartney says he woke up one morning with the tune in his head; he proceeded to hum it to others, wondering if he was remembering an older song or if he had indeed dreamed a new tune.

It's the most covered pop song of all time with over 3,000 version according to the Guinness Book of World Records.