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Some people in New York City are saying yes to that question  Clients wear a power suit that hooks up to Electronic Muscle-Stimulation Technology, that is also called EMS.

Once clients are strapped into the suit, the mini power packs send tiny pulses of electricity to activate 300 critical muscle groups all at once, these electrodes make muscles involuntarily contract.

After suiting up, the real workout begins, it is a mix of strength training and aerobic conditioning.  Your instructor gets the heart rates up as they mix in upper and lower body moves.....raising the intensity.

The company's founder says that the 'shocking workout', cuts gym time in half, so you only need to workout twice a week, which they claims is equal to six days of working out.  Sounds great, but remember you are being electrically shocked, while working out.

Nope,not for me....I will continue to go to Redemption Fitness in Mason and workout the "non shocking" way.


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