According to eyewitnesses, the accident at Cedar Point happened as folks were waiting in line for their turn on the Top Thrill Dragster. What has been described as a piece of metal came off the ride and struck a woman in the head.

The metal disk, as witnesses describe it, came off the ride as it was ending. Witnesses saw the object fly into a crowd and then a woman hit the ground. As soon as the woman was hit, the crown started calling for help. The woman had been struck in the head, and many of those in line took off their shirts to help stop the wound from bleeding. Sandusky EMS arrived on the scene a few minutes later.

The Top Thrill Dragster is one of the park's most popular and shortest rides. The ride lasts 17 seconds from beginning to end, it has a top speed of 120 mph, and it climes a 420-foot high hill.  It is a terrifying 17 seconds, but so totally worth it.

Incidents, like this, are rare at Cedar Point. The park's first 'non-natural cause death occurred back in 2015. A park visitor jumped the fence at the Raptor roller-coaster ride, A 45-year-old man was in a restricted area, he went to retrieve his phone that he had lost during the ride, that's when he was struck and killed.

Deaths have occurred at amusement parks all over the world, and many of those are horrifying ways to die. The amusement parks around us, luckily, have pretty good safety records.

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