Wolfman Mac is Mac Kelly, who, along with sidekick Boney Bob (a plastic skeleton he bought at K-Mart), hosted b-horror/sci-fi flicks that mostly ranged from the silent era thru the 1950’s.

His program underwent different titles: “Chiller Drive-In” and “Nightmare Sinema”.

The first show featured 1953’s “Robot Monster” in 2008, and ended in 2011 with a special Halloween show that featured 1969’s “Attack of the Monsters.”

The show was on Saturday night at 10 pm in the Detroit area and syndicated on some national TV stations. Mac interjected old commercials, drive-in clips, and skits which broke the tedium of the movies that could sometime drag. Mac also would slip in sound effects in the films to the enjoyment of the audience.

In 2013 Mac announced he would not be continuing with the show, and no more new episodes would be produced.

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