From back when we were kids bullying sure has changed. Today things are very different.

Kids today have to live with social media where bullying has taken on a new and very mean presence. Kids even at a young age are on their phones and it is nearly impossible to stop or monitor bullying on anonymous apps or messaging systems.

A town in Wisconsin has had enough and they have introduced new law in an effort to combat this behavior. Shawano, WI wants to fine parents if their children are caught bullying in person or online. First the parents get a warning if their kids are caught in anyway bullying another kid. They will be given 90 days to improve their kid's behavior and teach them that what they are doing is wrong. After that, they start going into the parents' pockets. The first fine is $366, after that it is a fine of $681.

Police hope that this hits the parents where it hurts and brings an end or at least decrease to the bullying problem. Other schools in other states are watching this to see how it plays out.

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