Passenger captures the chaos on I-94 after winter storm begins pummeling Michigan.

Michigan winters are not for the faint of heart. It takes true grit to white knuckle the drive to and from work during one of these storms. A portion of westbound I-94 was closed during the afternoon commute and here's a good look at why.

Susan Baase Simon is the passenger in the vehicle and was the one recording the video while the driver did their best to navigate the deadly I-94 corridor near Mattawan.

Susan says they were heading eastbound on the interstate and got on near Mattawan. Mattawan ended up being a type of "ground zero" during the evening commute. Susan says the video was recorded around 4:15 p.m. Thursday, February 4, 2021.

Luckily for Susan and the driver, the eastbound I-94 portion they traveled remained accident-free for the remainder of their time on the interstate. In fact, they then headed south on 131 and came across another back-up in the northbound lanes of 131 they passed.

For those unable to avoid the Friday morning commute, another white knuckle drive on I-94 showed the carnage from last night and the early morning. Semis jackknifed in medians of exits, pieces of the middle concrete barrier laying by the road, and even cars and SUV's laying on their side. No doubt waiting a long time for the overwhelmed tow trucks to respond.

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