There are bands that we grow up listening to and then there are the bands that are the soundtrack to our youth. Hall & Oates is that band.

One of my favorite songs is 1976s Sarah Smile. I don't remember actually hearing that song on the radio, but it is ingrained in my brain. If I hear that song today, I would be able to sing along and know all the words.

From the mid-'70s to the '80s, these guys were a hit-making machine. If you grew up in that time period, Hall & Oates music was on the radio as you cruised around driving your parent's station wagon.

Daryl and John formed Hall & Oates back In 1972 in Philadelphia, and after a string of hits—including 6 number one hits—they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

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Seeing Hall & Oates in concert is probably like one gigantic sing-along, you know the words to the songs, and you and everyone else sing along.

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