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Megan Markel's family issues are bringing her and Prince Harry closer.   Thank goodness, because family drama is a mess.

It seems like all Megan Markel wants to do is marry her guy, yes he is a Prince, but she has already had to face so much.   It would appear that pretty much  everyone is behind this young couple planning to wed this weekend.  Megan is an American actress, divorced and bi-racial, and she is kind, generous, smart , beautiful  and head over heels in love with England's Prince Harry , who loves her right back.

This week leading up to the Royal Wedding has been a mess for Megan.  Her Dad got wrapped up with a set up from TMZ, had a heart attack, said he would not be able to walk her down the aisle because he did not want to embarrass the Royal Family, then after talking with his daughter decided he would walk her down the aisle, then he found out he had to have heart surgery.

Getting married is stressful enough but holy cow, this woman has had to face a lot in the week leading up to her nuptials.  Her half brother and sister are basically attacking her in the media, with her sister writing  a book about Megan calling her a pushy Princess.  (you thought you had family issues).

With all that has been thrown at them, the two say that all this has brought them closer together.  Now, who will walk Megan down the aisle?   Prince William had his name brought up, but he is already going to be best man.  There has also been speculation that Prince Charles himself might walk her down the aisle.....I love that Idea.

Regardless of what happens, the two, Harry and Megan are in love and the wedding will go on, and I for one can't wait.

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