The Mason County community of Wiley is considered to be a ghost town, lying in Eden Township.

It was founded as ‘Wiley’s’ in 1886, with a post office opening on September 8, 1888, along the now ripped-up Mason & Oceana Railroad. The post office dropped the “s” and the community was therefore known as just ‘Wiley’. The P.O. closed in October 1903 (some sources say as late as (1918).

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Since it never became a full-fledged town, Wiley’s population was a mere 35. Aside from the post office, Wiley did have a general store, which is still there (SEE PHOTOS BELOW), and a creamery. North of town was a one-room schoolhouse which is no longer there; a residence now sits on that property.

Wiley is located at the intersection of Scottville Rd. and Meisenheimer Rd. and it’s not hard to find. Even though the general store is all that remains, it’s still worth it to go out of your way to get some pics or video. Someday someone may decide to tear it down, so add it to your next Michigan roadtrip and get there before it’s too late!


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