If your dream has always been to drive a 27-foot-long hotdog in a bun, my friend your dreams could very well come true. Oscar Mayer is looking for drivers who can (sigh) cut the mustard (Oscar Mayers's words not mine) and become 1 of their new 12 Hotdoggers.

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If selected for the job, you would be responsible for driving and maintaining the 27-foot-long hotdog on wheels to the company's various (c'mon!) 'meat' and greets for fans of the Wienermobile. Honestly, who isn't a fan of seeing a giant picnic entree driving down the road?

On top of navigating the streets of Michigan and America, you'll also be in charge of updating your Wienermobile's social media accounts. You'll take pictures of your new favorite means of transportation next to various landmarks, in small towns, and at events.

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The average Hotdogger will travel to 20 states, travel around 20,000 miles, and hand out over 250,000 Wiener Whistles. The gig is a year-long effort and full-time.

Working in radio, I've met a few Hotdoggers before and they all seem to enjoy the job. The young man I spoke with at a promotion was in his early 20s and was having a ball going from city to city, seeing the country, all while driving a giant weenie.

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Think maybe you'd like to travel the country in a 27-foot-long frankfurter? You'll need to jump through a few hoops. To apply for 1 of the 12 Hotdogger positions, click here. Good luck and happy Wienermobiling!

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