You'd think a fan base that has suffered as long as the Detroit Lions fan base has, would be topping this list. But they're smack dab in the middle.

This sports betting site sent along their survey list of the whiniest fans around the NFL, and doing a quick scan, I'd have thought the Lions would be first..okay, maybe second, gotta be top five....where are they? The Lions are 15th. Now way.

Okay, one way to explain this is, it's been 63 years since the Lions were NFL champs. Pretty much every Lions fan except Grandpa has no memory of the Lions as champions hasn't happened in their lifetime. That's why. Another reason may be the sense of resignation, "as long as the Fords own the team, it will never get better."

But you'd think just the people complaining about "embattled" coach Matt Patricia would put the Lions fan into the top five, no?

Generally, the biggest complaints center around bad officiating. ("there is no way that is pass interference.") and victim mentality (Oh, nobody likes us and we can't get a break.)

So the top five whiny fan bases are the Dallas Cowboys ("America's Team" - sarcasm font.), the New England Patriots, the Buffalo Bills (really, they haven't mattered in forever), the Chicago Bears (we are not!) and the Philadelphia Eagles. Well, Philly fans are legendary. They booed Santa Claus.

By the way, same surveys says fans think Tom Brady is the biggest whiner among players. My guess is, when you have six rings, you don't really care.

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