Okay, currently there are two lighthouses that claim to be the tallest in Michigan: the White Shoal Lighthouse and the Rock of Ages Lighthouse.

According to my original 2021 article on the White Shoal, it's “the tallest lighthouse on the Great Lakes, standing at 121 feet.....about 20 miles east of Mackinac Point.” And according to an Mlive article from January 2023, “White Shoal is a well-known landmark with its iconic red-and-white candy cane paint job. At 121 feet, it’s the tallest lighthouse in the Great Lakes.”

As for the Rock of Ages Lighthouse, an article on Travel the Mitten states “With a height of 130 feet, the Rock of Ages Lighthouse is not only Michigan’s tallest lighthouse – it is the tallest on the Great Lakes as well.” And accordingly, in a previous article I wrote in 2022, the Rock of Ages “sits five miles off the northwest end of Isle Royale.....Not only is it the tallest, but one of Michigan's most powerful lighthouses. ….The lighthouse stands 130 feet tall and cost $125,000.“

So it seems obvious that the Rock of Ages beats out White Shoal by nine feet. But on the Kiddle site it says White Shoal is 143 feet tall and Rock of Ages is 137 feet tall.

The Rock of Ages Lighthouse is referred to as 'Michigan's Tallest Lighthouse'.
White Shoal Lighthouse is called “the tallest lighthouse in the Great Lakes”.
So I ask, “What's The Difference?” I would understand a little better if one was still in one of the Great Lakes but across the border in Canada or Wisconsin, but they are BOTH in Michigan.

Foot-wise, most sites say White Shoal is 121 while Rock of Ages is 130, so I'll have to settle on Rock of Ages. Am I correct in this assumption or am I missing something???
Photos of both are below.

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