Summer time is almost here and this is the season when most teens will get their drivers licenses.  That is great news, however it also means more teens on the road and unfortunately more accidents.

No matter how many times they are told to pay attention while driving, there are still many distractions.  The personal-finance website WalletHub just released their report on this years Best and Worst States for teen drivers.

The Worst States for Teen Drivers:

41: Arizona   42: Alabama  43:  Mississippi  44: Idaho  45:North Dakota  46: Nebraska  47:  Missouri  48: Montana  49: South Dakota   50  :Wyoming


Best States For Teen Drivers

1:  New York   2:  Washington  3:  Maryland  4:  Illinois  5:  Delaware  6:  Louisiana  7:  Oregon  8:  California  9:  Hawaii  10: Texas

Vermont has the fewest teen driver fatalities per 100 hundred thousand teens.  Wyoming has the most.

Nebraska has the lowest share of major roads in poor condition, Connecticut has the worst.  (obviously they haven't driven in Michigan)


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