The winner of this survey, probably not going to be the proudest state.  The Wall Street Journal along with the center's for Disease Control have compiled a list of the drunkest states in the United States.

Keep in mind that this is not really an award a state would like to win, being that excessive drinking can lead to a variety of health problems and significantly shorten a persons life.  Nationwide, 18% of American adults drink an excessive amount of alcohol.  That being said, excessive drinking rates range considerably across the United States.

So here is your top ten.....

10..Michigan  about 20% of adults drink to excess

9.. Nebraska  More than 1 in 5 adults that live in Nebraska drink to excess.

8.. Hawaii   People who live in 'paradise' apparently love to get their drunk on.  Looks like living in Maui makes folks there raise a glass to toast.

7.. Iowa  21% of adults in Iowa drink far to much.

6.. Minnesota.. The state where 21.1% of adults report binge or heavy drinking.

5.. Illinois.. The national average of adults drinking to excess is 19% but in Illinois it is 21.2%.

4.. Montana  That state has the fourth highest binge drinking or drinking heavily than any other state.

( have you noticed most of the States on this list are cold winter states...except Hawaii)

3.. Alaska   Guess you gotta keep warm somehow.

2.. Wisconsin   24.5% of adults in the cheese state binge or drink heavily...(ever been to a Green Bay Packers Game?)

1....North Dakota    This state has the highest share of adults who drink excessively or binge drink.    I wonder how much those numbers go up in the winter?   Can't think of a lot to do during the cold winters in North Dakota.

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