The wife has been all over me about it lately. "Is Gump's back open yet?"

"No, darling." Well, let me check on Facebook.

"Where can we find a decent rack of ribs now?"

She has been asking for weeks so I REALLY want to know to get her off my case... Where are the best ribs in Michigan. I am talking REAL life experience here. I am talking about ribs so good you lick your fingers the next day... DURING COVID.

On my 24 or 25th birthday, we ate at Outback Steakhouse. I LOVED the ribs so much I actually ordered and finished another plate. The server said they had NEVER seen anyone do that before. What can I say? I like me some ribs.

Our recent favorites were Gump's BBQ. The Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe has some good ones too. I am talking baby back pork ribs, specifically but I am no rib snob. If you know someone cooking up delicious beef ribs, I'll try them too.

I read a report from the Michigan Restaurant Association that said about 1/3 of Michigan restaurants are trending towards closing within the next 6 months. So give some love to your favorite place to try and help promote them before they are gone.

If you are a restaurant looking to advertise that YOU ARE STILL HERE, call 517-394-7272 and talk to one of our people about what we can do for you.

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