I can't remember the last time I went to one of our local film festivals, can you?  It's been a long time for a lot of movie fans in the Greater Lansing area.

How would you feel about three film festivals taking place beginning June 10 and ending sometime in November?

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Yes, three.  The East Lansing Film Festival will have a scaled-down version June 10-13, catching the films it would have shown last year.  Then it will start its regular event Nov. 4...less than a week after the Capital City Film Festival finishes its 10-day run.

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If you recall, some local film festivals have taken place in movie theaters and other film festivals have taken place at various locations in the Lansing area.

With spring here now and summer heading our way in another month, people are ready to get out and have some fun.  And who doesn't love a really good film festival.  It's a great event for the Greater Lansing area.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

The festival is usually at Celebration's Studio C location alongside Meridian Mall.  Those theaters will re-open on Memorial day weekend, she said, but wouldn't be available in June, when the six screens are needed for big summer films.  So the festival moves to Celebration's big complex in South Lansing.

If you really like independent films, then you'll really like the local film festivals coming our way in June.

The film festivals that will take place are the East Lansing Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival, and the ELFF in November.

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