I don't know what is going on with some of the birds in my neighborhood.   This year they seem to be a bit crazy.

The wreath of my front door is constantly under attack by a bird that keeps pulling pieces off and trying to make a bird nest above out front door.( not the best spot).  There are  other options. there are some big trees in our front yard and in the back there are plenty of trees.

For some reason this year the birds in our area are going for the different and difficult spots.

Here is my friends front door, the bird built its nest in the wreath on their front door.


Another friend had a bird build a nest on a window ledge, and as hard as they tried the bird was not successful in building their nest above our door, they gave it a shot but it kept falling down.

It has been a very strange year for birds and us in our neighborhood, and now I need a new wreath!


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Photos M.Harris@ Townsquare media

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