Other than opening up gifts on Christmas morning, what makes it even that much more special?

How about eating delicious breakfast casseroles which are perfect on Christmas morning.

My wife and I have a tradition every year on Christmas morning, we make Cinnamon Swirl French toast bake and it's absolutely terrific.

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It takes no time to bake at all. We pick up a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread at the grocery store and then prepare it on Christmas morning.

We just take eggs, milk, and a little sugar and mix it all together and cover the loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread with the mixture and then bake it in the oven no more than 30 minutes or less.

It comes out warm and very delicious. Perfect for the whole family unless they can't take the carbs. (Lol)

Other people like to make delicious breakfast casseroles which are ideal for Christmas morning too.

According to the Detroit Free Press:

Breakfast casseroles are everything you might eat at breakfast all tossed together and cooked in one dish. The casserole is assembled the night before and sits in the refrigerator overnight allowing the dry bread to soak up the liquid. The next day pop it in the over and bake until puffy and set.

A lot of people feel that breakfast casseroles are big time savers and that's why they prepare them on Christmas morning.

I'm not that picky when it come to breakfast on Christmas morning. Even though I love our Cinnamon Swirl French toast bake, I would settle for regular French toast and a bowl of cut up fruit as well.

Take a look at some of the recipes for breakfast casseroles, courtesy of the Detroit Free Press.

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