Follow me down the Twitter rabbit hole here and watch how this unravels.

It started with this graphic.

Simple and easy enough. Graphic, states, favorite fast food restaurants. No brainer. And even some legit ones in there. For those of you that don't know, Texas & Whataburger go hand in hand like cheese and burger. But let's take a look at say...oh I don't know, MICHIGAN.

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Because shortly after this, I noticed Jollibee was trending. And that was before I really saw the above graphic. And see, the two don't add up. Because Jolibee...

Jolllibee via Twitter
Jolllibee via Twitter

It's really a Filipino thang.

And as for Michigan locations...nope. None.

And luckily for you, I used to live in Alaska for 10 years. So when I saw that Bubba Gump was their favorite, I quickly suspected something was up.

Cause, there ain't one there. Anywhere.

So let's go back to the source.

Wait...thank you to who? Public Infomation and Statistics Soc...

And wouldn't you know it, guess what's trending next?

Oh this is rich. Because by now, if you haven't figured it out, THIS IS A SUPER HARD TROLL.  And well played Barstool Sports. Well played indeed.

They even got folks hyped about it on their Facebook page.

A tip of the hat to their friends over at Lights, Camera, Pod for helping them pull it off again.

And you can read about how they masterminded it all and took everyone for a ride with an article entitled How To Successfully Troll Social Media Over A Fake Food Map.


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