People have their own "signature" scents, celebrities literally bottle theirs up and sell them to us, but can an entire state have a specific scent that it just takes one whiff to know you're there.

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Michigan Definitely Doesn't Stink

We can be honest here, right? Some states really just smell bad.

Don't just take my word for it, Zippia looked into it and actually figured out which states are the smelliest based on a few key things.

They factored the "dirtiness" of the air and the percentage of each state that is taken up by trash/landfills. However, they did also use two other factors to determine the overall hygiene of the people in those states: population density and dental health.

They found that while Maryland is actually the smelliest state, Michigan especially bad OR good. We here in the not-so-stinky Mitt rank 21st out of all 50 states.

What Makes Michigan Smell Better Than Others

My cousin in Texas was trying to describe Michigan to his friends who had never been here before and he literally said, "It's very green."

I think here in Michigan, we definitely have some woodsy, earthier scents but I wouldn't say it smells too much like greenery and fresh-cut lawns. There definitely should be clean, freshwater scents in there too.

Basically, Michigan just smells like fresh air, fresh plants and fresh water but also it smells like summertime and bonfires. It smells like crisp, orange leaves. You get here, breathe in and though the exact smell may be hard to pinpoint, you know you're home...just maybe don't smell us after a day on the might get some notes of more sweat and beer then.

Also, I guess you might not want to breathe too deep either, the pollen might get you there too.

But still...our signature scent here truly is definitely "Pure Michigan."

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