Several things can cause power outages:



Severe Thunderstorms

Ice Storms


Extreme Weather Events

There's nothing that makes you feel more helpless than losing power where you live.  The most important thing to do is keep calm and deal first with the biggest safety issues.

Those issues include bringing light to the dark, staying warm and dry, and providing food to yourself and your family.  (

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How to have light in a power outage

It's best to use flashlights or battery powered (LED) lanterns to use in case of a power outage rather than candles to prevent accidental fires.  Attach a strip of glow in the dark tape to your flashlights to make them easy to find.

Your cell phone could be used for light, for as long as the battery lasts.  Drastically increase your battery life by plugging your phone into a portable USB battery pack.

The next question is how do you stay warm in a power outage?

Select one room in which people and pets can spend most of their time together.  Pick a room with few or no windows for maximum heat during the day and layer up with warm clothing.

Drape all windows with blankets, comforters, or quilts.  Uncover south facing windows during the day to let in the Sun's warmth. (This depends on where you live)

And what about cooking and eating without power?

Open your refrigerator or freezer door only when absolutely necessary.

If the door stays closed, a refrigerator without power will keep food safe for four hours.  Store food outside if the temperature is cold enough. (40 degrees or less)

Eat foods you know are safe from spoiling.  Good examples are canned foods, such as vegetables, beans, and soups.

If you have one, cook on your woodstove.  Heat canned soup and boil water for tea and instant coffee.

No one likes to  deal with losing power in their own home, so it's very important to know what to do before, during, and after an outage.  For more helpful information, find it here at

TIPS: Here's how you can prepare for power outages

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