I recently had the pleasure of doing some out-of-state traveling. I hopped on a plane and headed off to Arizona this past December.

I had never been to Arizona before, so boy did I have a lot to take in and enjoy. Luckily, I had a tour guide (actually, a close girlfriend of mine) who has been to Arizona plenty of times before, so I had a jam-packed to-do list.

Of course, a stop at the Grand Canyon was in order. We also got in a hike on the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. But one thing I didn't plan for was enjoying a chain coffee shop so much that I feel the need to write about it here in the hopes that one day, it opens up a spot here in Michigan.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Allow me to introduce you to Dutch Bros.

Dutch Bros started off in 1992 as a small pushcart coffee business operating in Oregon. After the opening of its first franchise in 2000, the small coffee shop grew substantially throughout the northwest. Dutch Bros now serves up coffee and more in 11 states. I'm hoping to make Michigan state number 12.

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If you've never had them before Dutch Bros is a walk-up/drive-thru coffee shop that serves up a whole lot more than coffee. Of course, they have all the hot and cold coffee choices that your caffeine-loving self could want, but they also serve up teas, shakes, frosts, lemonades, smoothies, soda, and cocoas, making it the perfect all-in-one drink shop. They also give out cool, collectible stickers. And who doesn't love a cool sticker?

If this has you drooling over a cup of Dutch Bros coffee, I'm sad to say that there isn't one in Michigan (yet). As of right now, the closest one is in Kansas City, KS. It does look like there are a few in the Nashville, TN area, but those aren't open just yet. So either way, you'll have to make a little bit of a drive to grab a cuppa joe. Take a look through the gallery below to see what your tastebuds are in store for. Also, while we're working on bringing Dutch Bros to Lansing, we should work on bringing these 15 other awesome chain restaurants to the area too.

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