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We have all seen these people, in their 90's and running in a marathon, skydiving or other amazing things, and you wonder how they do it.  A Doctor and his wife also wondered so they interviewed  these very active people in their 80's and 90' to find out what they ate that helped keep them so active.

The results showed that these older, incredibly active people had many of the same foods included in their daily diets.

Here is a small list of foods the healthiest people around the globe eat on a daily basis.


Apple cider vinegar, some down it like a shot

Beans, which are packed full of fiber

Berries, especially blueberries

Broccoli. , which is loaded with antioxidants.  It is a true powerhouse food.

Cinnamon, that can help lower blood sugar  and also reduce inflammation

Coffee, (yay) may help to drop your risk of heart disease

Dark chocolate

Garlic, helps keep cholesterol levels low


Honey, is rich in antioxidants

Olives, (yum)

and  Popcorn, which is


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