What do Michigan dads really want for Father's Day? That's a good question with several easy answers.

One of the most important things we dads would like on Father's Day is a simple phone call. A phone call is very special and it really means a lot, especially on Father's Day.

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Another thing dads really like on a Father's Day is a thick juicy steak and an ice cold beer. You could either take your dad out to his favorite restaurant or have a family barbeque and enjoy quality time together.

Take dad to a baseball game. Most dads love baseball and really enjoy going to a Detroit Tigers game or a Lansing Lugnuts game at Jackson Field in Lansing. An ice cold beer and a hotdog goes a long way.

Instead of giving dad a store bought Father's Day card, why not take the time to write your own special Father's Day special message.

My daughter Aubrey is very good at that. She not only writes her own Father's Day card, but she also writes the best birthday greetings as well. It is so heart felt and it really means a lot.

Here's another great idea for dad on Father's Day, why not put together an awesome personalized dad photo book. Come up with the best pictures of you and your dad spending great times together and put all those memories in a photo album.

Another thought is to take dad out to the movie theater to see a great movie. Since Father's day is on June 19, there are several really good movies to choose from. One of them is "Top Gun Maverick", which is fantastic. The other one is "Jurassic World Dominion."

The most important thing for dad is spending time with his kids, because that is the greatest blessing of all. To all dads: HAVE A GREAT FATHER'S DAY!

The Detroit Free Press has more Father's Day gift ideas.

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