It's a feeling like no other. You're innocently driving down the road, minding your own business, when, out of nowhere, you hear the sound of what can only be a meteor striking your car.

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Sometimes the damage is immediately obvious, especially when your windshield now features a nut-sized chip. Just when we've become accustomed to dodging things on the road (potholes, deer, llamas, emus), Michigan decides it's time to stop dropping vehicle denting bombs from the treetops.

What Type of Falling Nut Damage Will Insurance Cover in Michigan?


Based on the loud bang these falling nuts make when traveling at road speeds, you would think they would leave craters rather than the tiny dents and dings they do. CORRECTION: Those dents and dings aren't too tiny to those who love their cars like they do their glasses: clean and scratch-free.

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In Michigan, there is no shortage of falling nuts that may dent your hood or mare your windshield: acorns, chestnuts, or the mighty osage orange to name a few. To be fair, if you get whacked by an osage orange it is similar to impacting a shot put at 60 miles per hour.


The good news for those who are leasing, financing, or otherwise have Comprehensive Coverage, according to Tim Barry of the Barry & Songer Agency:

Acorns and the like are covered as 'falling objects' much like hail. With Comprehensive Coverage your windshield, hood, and body damage caused by a falling object is would be covered.

While that shouldn't be taken as permission to park under an oak and shake it, it is comforting to know that the next time one of those tiny, little acorns WHACKS or THUDS into your ride, you'll drive easier knowing it's covered.

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Oh! And if you don't have the right coverage try to get more dents and use the hood or roof of your vehicle to as a cheese grater or sander. Your pot-marked ride can become the Swiss Army Knife of cars, so long as the trunk is coarse enough to file your nails.

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