Considered to be a Ghost Town by some and Shadow Town by others, the community known as Wexford Corners in Wexford County began as a stagecoach stop as ‘Wexford’ back in 1871.

Thanks to the pleasant surroundings of this wayside station, some travelers decided to stay & homestead when they got off the stagecoach.

By 1877 the population was a whoppin’ 20 residents. The village’s popularity started to grow, and by 1884 the resident number was up to 52 and in 1918 the number was 150.

Wexford’s business section had a bakery, bank, church, drug store, dry goods store, general stores, grocers, hardware store, hotels, livery stable, post office, sawmill, schoolhouse, and shoe store. You wouldn't know that by looking at it now.

Unfortunately, not long after 1918 there was a fire that burned down a good number of buildings and around 1921 the town decided to demolish the last remaining hotel. Up to the 1950s all that was left was the cemetery, a church, and schoolhouse.

Wexford soon became known as ‘Wexford Corner’ (sometimes ‘Corners’) thanks to a grocery store that gave itself that name, thanks to the area being located at the four corners of Hanover & Wexford Townships in Wexford County and Grant & Mayfield Townships in Grand Traverse County.

Today, Wexford Corner is a far cry from what it once was. No businesses remain in the former downtown area, but there are a few old buildings still standing, some empty houses, and a handful of current residents.

It would be a good drive-thru on your Michigan roadtrip…check out some photos below!



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