Okay, we hear quite a bit about the classic radio & TV days on the east side of our state...but what about the Mid-Michigan west side? There were great stations there, too, ya know.....like:

WIDR (Kalamazoo - debuted 1952)
WKMI (Kalamazoo - debuted 1947)
WKZO (Kalamazoo - radio debut 1923 as KFGZ, TV debut 1950)
WOOD (Grand Rapids - radio debut 1924, TV debut 1949)
WOTV (Battle Creek - debuted 1971)
WWMT-TV (Kalamazoo - debuted 1950)
WXMI-TV (Grand Rapids - debuted 1982)
WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids - debuted 1962)

and many more.

These stations kept the kids of the 50s thru the 80s entertained with local TV shows like Bozo, various cartoon shows, Howdy Doody, puppet shows, Three Stooges, etc.

The teens had their fair share of entertainment as well, as the radios blasted out Elvis, the Beatles, Motown, surf, disco, R&B, punk and New Wave.

What would local TV be without its fair share of local newspeople? There were a bevy of them as well.

Detroit's radio & TV legacy gets more than its fair share of notoriety. It's about time more Michiganders took note of the ones in western Michigan.

This is not intended to be an in-depth look, or a history...it's simply a small gallery of photos to help reminisce about the growing-up days with some of western Michigan's most memorable stations.

The gallery below doesn't even scratch the surface.....but here are a handful of memories to get ya started. Feel free to add more!




Vintage Isle Royale

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