Before we even tell you about this brand new kids song, we want to apologize for it getting stuck in your head after your kid wants to hear it on repeat.

The song is called "Flip Flop Fliep Flap" and it was just dropped on YouTube by Sigurd Barrett on October 22nd.  Sigurd is a Danish musician that does kids music from time to time and we think that this latest song is really going to launch his career internationally.

Flip, Flop, Fliep, Flap!  Yeah that totally rocks.  It's only got a few thousand views as of right now, but we think that it is really going to take off with your help.  You all need to help us get this song to go viral so Sigurd Barrett can finally get into the limelight.  This guy needs to get bigger than Pinkfong (they are the people who made Baby Shark).

So, what do you think about "Flip, Flop, Fliep, Flap", do you like it more than "Baby Shark"?  Vote in our poll below.

If you do like "Flip, Flop, Fliep, Flap" better than "Baby Shark", then share the song on all of your social media and maybe he will revisit the song for holiday versions.  Like "Halloween Sharks".

Or this gem, "Christmas Sharks".

But, seriously.  We are really really sorry for introducing you to "Flip, Flop, Fliep, Flap".  It's a pretty bad song and we hope you didn't play it for your children and if you did, we hope they didn't like it.

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