Have any of you have ever heard of the Warlock's Grave near Dexter? It's sometimes referred to as the grave of "Warlock Willie".....

You think you got what it takes to visit? Sure ya do.

In a long-forgotten and hidden cemetery - through weeds & bushes within the woods - not far from the corner of Huron River Drive and Zeeb Road (alongside the Huron River in Scio Township, Washtenaw County) near Dexter, lies the 1840 grave of a man rumored to be a warlock. All the graves in this old cemetery have been so neglected, forgotten and overgrown for so long, that this particular grave became engulfed in an old oak tree trunk that grew around the stone. This is a thorny, creepy looking old tree; and if you happen to find it, you'll see that the grave has since been stolen...but you can still see where it was.  And even though the stone is gone, the "warlock's" human remains are still buried underneath, within the roots of the old tree.

The legend says, that if you approach the open hollow at the base of the tree where the gravestone was and lie down in it, you will experience some kind of entity or demon going through your body...either leaving the grave or going back to it. Some say they've seen the shadow before it passed through them.

Brave souls who ventured into this forgotten boneyard say that the most paranormal time to visit is between 2am-5am...this is when the spirits are most active: apparitions, voices from the graves, vastly different temperatures, hairs stand on end, all sorts of sounds, etc. In fact, it's said that the souls who rest there appreciate anyone who comes by and helps clean up the area...in gratitude, they become active in order for you to experience something somewhat supernatural. (Now that last part could've been made up by someone who doesn't want people to mess up the area...who knows?)

This small, forgotten, unmarked & hard-to-find graveyard is located just outside of Dexter on Huron River Dr. just before Zeeb Rd. as you head east toward Ann Arbor...on the left-hand side of the road. There are other old gravestones here, many from the 1800's, hidden among the tall grass, weeds and bushes. I don't think a drive into the place exists. The name of this old graveyard seems to be lost, unless one of you has the time and ability to dig around (no pun intended) to find the name.

ONE MORE THING: Some say the entire area along Huron River Drive in Dexter is haunted by the deceased members of the old Huron Indian tribe; the spirits of some of these braves have been spotted traveling down the side of the road and disappearing when approached. Residents in some of the homes along the road have claimed to have paranormal experiences.

Weeds, bushes, trees with sharp spiky thorns & poison ivy are what you face if you attempt to look for this hidden, overgrown cemetery in the woods. Do have what it takes to investigate? We'll see. If you do, use some smarts, okay?

***ALWAYS TREAT CEMETERIES AND OTHER RUMORED "HAUNTED" PLACES WITH RESPECT. GET PERMISSION TO ENTER WHEN NEEDED TO PROTECT YOURSELF. Who do you ask? Try the Dexter town offices...they should direct you to the correct person.***

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