Picture this, you're outside raking leaves minding your own business when all of a sudden, you look up and see an unusual animal before your very own eyes.

We're not talking about a bear, deer, skunk, or anything like that. Would you believe it's an actual wallaby?

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There's been several sightings of a wallaby in Monroe County, right here in Michigan. Authorities are trying to figure out where the wallaby came from and who the rightful owner is.

So what exactly is a wallaby? (animalcorner.org)

Wallaby is a marsupial or pouched animal that is a member of the kangaroo family. There are around 30 different species of wallaby (macropod) from the scientific family Macropodidae (Macropodidae means ‘big feet’). Wallabies are smaller than kangaroos and distributed widely across Australia and neighbouring islands.

At this point, the Michigan wallaby has apparently been spotted in the Bedford Township area. Police are asking the public to not go anywhere near this exotic animal.

According to mlive.com:

The wallaby is not considered a threat to the public or public health, deputies said. A wallaby typically will not approach humans, dogs or other domestic animals.

Well at least that's good to know. If anyone happens to come across the wallaby, they're encouraged to call Monroe County Central Dispatch.

According to animalcorner.org:

Wallabies have very powerful tails and hind legs. Wallaby tails are not prehensile (used for gripping) but are used for balance and for support when in a sitting position. Their hind legs are used for hopping along at high speeds and for jumping great distances. When fighting, males use their hind legs to deliver powerful kicks.

Would I want a wallaby for a pet? No thank you!

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