Believe it or not, there are still some Mid-Michiganders who don't know where Wacousta is. So for those residents - and possibly you - you're about to find out - and when you do, I urge you to take a short drive over there and visit.

Wacousta was organized in 1837 along the Looking Glass River. The story about how the town got it's name sounds like the Captain John Smith/Pocahontas legend.

In 1763, an Indian maiden by the name of Wacousta informed Major Gladwin of Detroit that the warriors of her tribe were planning to attack his company's fort.....and not leave anyone alive. Knowing this, the major was able to thwart the attack and avoid a massacre....for both sides.

Not being able to name the new village 'Waterloo', since there already was one, the town founders chose the name of the maiden who saved the troops.

Wacousta has things to do and see for the Michigan roadtripper:  Heritage Park, the historic Watertown Charter Township Hall...and their famous General Store / Meat Market. You'l find the heart of Wacousta at the intersection of Wacousta & W. Herbison roads.

Check out some then-and-now photos below and take a drive-through sometime this year!



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