Politics, debate, facts, issues...whatever.

Yes there was a Vice Presidential debate last night. And we only get one of them.

There were a great deal of topics discussed. The Supreme Court, taxes, coronavirus, and for the most part it was pretty civil. A much better showing than the first presidential debate in my opinion.

But, there are a couple of key takeaways or BUZZ-worthy moments from last night that has most people and the internet talking today.

1) "Mr. Vice President, I am speaking" - Senator Kamala Harris reclaiming her time and making sure that there would be no repeating of the presidential debate debacle or being over talked.

2) Red eye or pink eye Mr. Vice President?

And the internet diagnosis of the VP by many a Web MD doctors are already pointing to that being a sure sign of him being Covid-19 positive.

3) The real MVP of the VP debates is what people are BUZZING ABOUT.

The internet is quick...and ruthless.

And we don't know where they got this one from but...

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Some are saying the president testing positive and last night's fly-over could be a response from the grave...

Someone actually took time to time how long the fly was there. And for the record, even the fly respected the two minute rule.

And...no...this can't be true can it? We checked. Yes it is. And IT'S SOLD OUT.

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