Election Day 2020 is just a few days away. Tuesday, Nov. 3, is the big day where millions of people will place their votes for President of the United States. Will we have a new President or will President Trump be elected for four more years?

The coronavirus pandemic, the fear of postal delays and the passions inspired by the presidential candidates, both pro and con, have all contributed to the record early vote.

By Wednesday afternoon, over 75 million Americans had already voted early in person or had their mail in ballots received by election officials.

According to WILX, voters may have to wait until the Friday after Election Day to find out who won in Michigan.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said that this is because of the enormous number of mail in ballots.

State law doesn't allow clerks to start counting absentee ballots until the day before the election. (WILX)

I'm sure that this counting process is going to take up quite a lot of time. In fact, it may take about 80 hours statewide for officials to tabulate all those votes.

Benson said that approximately 2.4 million absentee ballots have been accounted for. But around 800,000 haven't been turned in. (WILX)

Here are a couple of facts to keep in mind:

1. Our system is very secure and only one ballot is counted for each person. A qualified voter file verifies everyone's vote.

2. The state has added 30,000 more poll workers to help count ballots this year.

3. Poll workers will be required to test negative ahead of the election and will be given personal protective equipment to wear.

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