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I've been in Lansing a little over two years. And the cool thing is I'm still discovering all the great people, places, and things that make this such a great place to live.

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If you listen carefully, you will hear people give you nuggets of wisdom that you should add to your list of spots to eat, shop, visit, etc.

I had heard the name Apple Market so many times. And I have driven past it a bazillion times. Finally, last week, I was like, I'm gonna swing in and see what all the fuss is about.

Great people, great food. Awesome deli and hot bar.

(Sidebar, when getting one of those giant pickles out of that barrel in front of the deli, try your best not to drop the tongs in the pickle juice. Just saying. They'll help you get it out. They will also laugh. Lovingly. But they will laugh.)

And, the selection of meats! Man! All these brats, fresh ground meats, flavors, recipes. I was kicking myself.  But glad I found it before the big game. Because if you're going to throw a big game party, you need a go-to place for ribs, wings, burgers, brats, everything.

I did a little digging. As I love having a good go-to butcher for personal and party reasons. And compiled a list. Some of these place I have visited. Others are on the list. Let me know your go to butcher here in Lansing/Mid-Michigan area and where I should check out next. If your favorite place isn't on our list, swing by our Facebook page and let us know or shoot us an email.


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