Kudos to her son for driving her all the way from Chicago to Detroit!

Mildred Madison is 94-years-old and has never missed an election; she's been voting regularly since she was 21. Like most people back then, she married and started a family young, but that has never stopped her from exercising her civic duty.

Not only has she never missed an election; she even ran for office herself at one point as a city councilperson. And she WON! She also served as the President of the League of Women Voters of Cleveland and Detroit.

She's been staying with family in a Chicago suburb, and she was very upset that she didn't receive her absentee ballot from the city of Detroit. So, she asked her son to drive her 300 miles so she could vote. And he did.

On Monday, they made their way to the Coleman Young Municipal Center in Detroit to vote...and drove back the same day.

Mildred is currently working on a memoir and has aspirations to start the Mildred Madison Center for Civic Engagement to help encourage younger generations of adults to get out and vote.

First off, let's give kudos to her son for making that drive TWICE in the same day. It stinks. It's not close at ALL. And now, let's give kudos to Mildred for being so passionate about her rights as an American. Not many people would travel that far to vote; on top of that, not many 94-year-olds would have that kind of commitment. Heck, most YOUNG adults don't have that kind of commitment. Good for her!

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