Summertime and great rock & pop music have always gone why not take a summer day and visit the Motown Studios - Hitsville USA - and see where all the Motown greats made the most famous songs in history?

Courtesy of Motown Records

Four Tops
Smokey & The Miracles
Jackson 5
Martha & The Vandellas
Marvin Gaye
Stevie Wonder
...and many, many others!

It's now called the Motown Historical Museum and is a favorite destination of music lovers all around the's so closeby to all of us here in Mid-Michigan!

Courtesy of Motown Records

See tons of memorabilia, photographs, performance costumes, original recording machines, artwork.....and Studio A, where all the great 60's Motown tunes were recorded.

The building was the former home of Berry Gordy Jr., who turned his house into the now-famous Motown recording'll also see Gordy's original furniture on display. Why? I don't know...but it's there...and it includes his old dining room table which he used as his "shipping department."

Go, take pictures and let us see 'em!

Courtesy of Motown Records

Located at 2648 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit.....AND REMEMBER:
Spend your money in Michigan!