McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation via Facebook
McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation via Facebook

What if we told you that you could:

  • Stay home & stay safe
  • Have a virtual cocktail party
  • You make the drinks (recipes provided)
  • Vote on your favorite one
  • And help raise money for McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation?

You can and you totally should.

Attendees will have three unique cocktail recipes to try by visiting Vote for your favorite by donating to the cause/location of your choice May 14 -17.
Try all the cocktails and get your friends and family involved by setting up a virtual party! (MGLF)

The recipes include:

I see Tito's Vodka is the common denominator here so there's that.

Obviously, 21+.

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Take photos of your cocktail creations as well as your virtual cocktail parties and tag McLaren Greater Lansing Foundation on Facebook or email your photos to any time between, Thursday, May 14 at 5:00 p.m. through 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 17. (MGLF)

Have a virtual party, make cocktails, drink, vote, donate. In that order so you donate a lot.

And while you're making drinks, how about some snacks? Say an easy bbq chicken pizza? We've got a recipe for that too.

Easy 5-Ingredient BBQ Chicken Pizza

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