Michigan’s railroads go all the way back to the 1830s…hard to believe, but trains were originally pulled by horses. We've always had an underlying fascination with trains, the railways.....and historically, the depots.

Thus, I am posting photos of 30 vintage Michigan railroad depots from around the state. But first here’s a quick & brief timeline of Michigan railroads:

1832: Michigan’s railroad system kicked off when a newspaper, The Western Immigrant, suggested the unheard of idea of a transcontinental railroad.
1833: Michigan’s first railroad tracks (the Erie & Kalamazoo) were laid between Adrian and Toledo.
1836: Trains began being drawn by horses.
1837: The first Michigan steam locomotive was introduced and beagn running.
1846: Regular passenger trains became available.
1855: A law was passed where all railroad employees had to wear a hat & badge to identify their jobs.
1857: The first steam locomotive was used on a lumber camp railway.
1885: A law was passed making automatic train car couplers necessary.
1887: Michigan Central Railroad builds the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.
1913: The world’s tallest railroad terminal was the Michigan Central Depot, built in Detroit.
1946: The Detroit & Mackinac Railway was America’s first all-diesel line.
1971: Amtrak is created.

Now, after that all-too brief rail history, take a look at some great old Michigan train depots! (All photos below are available for purchase on worthpoint.com)

There will be more soon!



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